Futurebirds - Thanks Y'all (Exclusive 3-LP Relix Clear Violet Variant)

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Futurebirds' first live vinyl release, Thanks Y'all – exclusive Relix variant pressed on 3-LP clear violet vinyl.

On their new live album, Thanks Y’all, Athens, GA-based rock juggernauts Futurebirds once again team up with My Morning Jacket's guitarist + producer Carl Broemel for the latest chapter of their bountiful partnership. The 22-track compilation was recorded over 9 shows in February 2023, and finds the “Carlbirds” firing on all cylinders, with the best highlights captured for posterity.

Side A:
All Damn Night • Sedan Man • Rodeo • Carried Away

Side B:
Olive Garden Daydream #47 • Put Up, Keep Up • College Try • Monteagle

Side C:
Twentyseven • Buffet Days • APO • M J B

Side D:
Blue Eyed Girl • The Creeper • Trippin' • St. Teresa

Side E:
Sinz & Frenz • Johnny Utah • 4th of July

Side F:
Wear It Out • Waiting On a Call • My Broken Arm