LP Giobbi - Garcia (Remixed) | Exclusive Relix Blue Cloudy Variant

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LP Giobbi - Garcia (Remixed), exclusive Relix blue cloudy variant. Limited edition of 1,000 units.

Garcia (Remixed) is a re-imagination of the Grateful Dead co-founder’s landmark solo debut album as a genre-defying dance potion created by DJ/Producer & life-long Deadhead LP Giobbi. The collection, which features several of Garcia’s most timeless compositions co-written with Robert Hunter including “Deal,” “Bird Song,” “Sugaree,” and “The Wheel,” gives the original album a whole new beat in celebration of its 50th anniversary. The original cover art, designed by Bob Seidemann, was reinterpreted by Young & Sick for the remixed packaging.

Side 1:
1. Deal (LP Giobbi & Le Chev Remix)
2. Bird Song (LP Giobbi & Le Chev Remix)
3. Sugaree (LP Giobbi Remix)
4. Loser (LP Giobbi Remix)

Side 2:
1. Late for Supper (LP Giobbi & Le Chev Remix)
2. To Lay Me Down (LP Giobbi Remix)
3. An Odd Little Place (LP Giobbi & DJ Tennis Remix)
4. The Wheel (LP Giobbi Remix)