Grateful Dead (11/5/1970) Main Edition Poster by AJ Masthay

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Main edition poster, commemorating Grateful Dead's performance at The Capitol Theatre on November 5, 1970, by artist AJ Masthay.

Limited edition of 200. Measures 18" x 24". Linocut print on stonehenge paper with hand-deckled edges. Hand-numbered and signed by artist AJ Masthay.

The Linoleum block editions are 100% handmade in AJ’s shop using decades old printing equipment, some idiosyncrasies in the inks are normal and should be expected, as is the rough or “deckled” edge along the bottom of each print.

This product is expected to ship around June 11, 2024.

The 4th print (November 5, 1970) of Grateful Dead at The Capitol Theatre, 1970-1971, an archival collection of 18 posters commemorating the 18 remarkable performances by the Grateful Dead at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York in the early 1970s.

"For me, this piece is all about capturing the extreme range of the Grateful Dead’s music and the emotional journey they take us, the listener, on with each show. The skeleton representing delicate and serene beauty  juxtaposed against the fiery, voracious tiger representing the deeper, more chaotic and often ferocius jams. The rose centered in the composition as almost a middle ground between the two dynamics, allowing both worlds to somehow function together as one and always bringing the listener back from the edge. All three have their deep roots in the iconography of the Grateful Dead but I like to think this piece gives each a bit of a different interpretation."
- AJ Masthay