Grateful Dead Family Album Book

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A complete memorabilia of photos and anecdotes, the Grateful Dead Family Album is both a candid history of one of America's most enduring rock bands as well as a time capsule of '60s rock music culture and counterculture.

For the 30th anniversary of its original publication, Jerilyn Lee Brandelius, author and former partner of Mickey Hart, presents a story about one of the most influential bands of all time: the Grateful Dead.

A history of the original members of the Dead as well as the experiences of their fellow artists, activists, family, and friends at the time, the Grateful Dead Family Album narrates the story of the iconic band while simultaneously exploring the social, political, and artistic culture of the era. This 257-page, hardcover, historical, fine-art book is filled with quotes, writings, posters, newspaper excerpts, and intimate photos of a rock band that influenced and represented a cultural movement.

The long strange trip continues with the Grateful Dead Family Album. Don't miss out!